Monday, November 07, 2011

There is joy

Image found at - by cartoonist Hugh MacLeod

There is joy in the moments filled with:
warm cups of Earl Grey Tea,
puppies so happy they get to go for a car ride they speak to you,
insight in an area that you've been looking for illumination - for so long,
and witnessing a connection and blessing for another person - in something you've done, written, or said.

Joy is all around us.
Joy want to invade the dark corners of our minds - from the smile, warmth and caring action of another.
Joy can fill the cold and hungry with what they need - from that hands that have the means to meet their need.
Joy will make a way that leads to hope - if only we wriggle the door open a little wider.
Joy dosent' need much room to make a difference in life,
but she makes all the difference once she's made herself at home there.

THERE is joy.
There IS joy.
There is JOY.


T.L. EASTMAN copyright November 2011

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