Wednesday, January 04, 2012

20 minutes to shine

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"20 minutes to shine.
What a promise.
What a hope.
While chemist-like trappings give the impression of control and order.
There are cocktails, concoctions, and vials that speak volumes to potential.

I admit to loving this promise.
Wanting the contents of this bottle to do its best work -
to draw all the vibrancy, lusture and gleam to the surface.
I admit to this desire to be illuminated, but somehow I think the illumination needed runs much deeper than this crown.

This light, hope, and glimmer needs to soak deep into the depths of my heart,
to the cobweb coated corners of my mind,
and make some space in spare room of my soul.

Real light to take up residence here...
in 20 minutes or less, of course.

Is that too much for me to ask?"

T.L. Eastman January 2012

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