Sunday, January 01, 2012

New beginnings

It's a new season to start something. There are lots of choices, but if you like to blog you may want to join in with NaBloPoMo on the challenge and fun of daily blogging. Go to NaBloPoMo and sign up for January's round of writing and interaction.

It's a brand new year.
I'll need to intentionally practice writing 2012 for about a month before the change will sink in for the next 11.
It a day to think about what was and what could be.

If only "beginning" is the frame I use to place the next 365 days in.
Each morning is new.
Each moment is unique.
Each day, hour and second holds the space to dream - to hope and to begin again.
It is a new beginning I need to inhale into my whole being and exhale into a world full of possibility.
Inhale, exhale, repeat.

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Gunfighter said...

That Tara has the right idea!

Tara Lamont said...

Keep breathing!