Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Waiting for the Kings and saving a pickle

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Today marks the tenth day of Christmas. (Go ahead, I know you want to sing "Ten lords a leaping!") I know that many folks have all now headed back to regular work and school schedules ( including me), but I'm still holding on the the Christmas spirit - and I'm working to do that in the many days to come in 2012.

Angels are still singing "Gloria!" - are you?

After reading my blog post yesterday about my melancholy mood in the wake of Christmas season winding down, my friend Deb told me about a yearly tradition she has to help her hold on to Christmas.

She chooses a ornament from her Christmas tree that she will keep out and display in her kitchen to help her remember the joy, love, beauty and message of the holiday season.

This year I also learned about the tradition of the "Christmas Pickle Ornament" from some of the teens in the youth group I work with. Apparently, some folks hide a pickle shaped ornament on their tree on Christmas Eve and the first person that finds it the following morning will get to open the first gift and receive the "Pickle Present" in addition to their other gifts. When I learned about this fun tradition, I went searching for a pickle ornament to start the "Christmas Pickle Ornament" tradition in my own family.

( To learn more about the pickle legend - visitn this link at bronners.com)
So to take from my friend Deb's suggestion and the pickle - I've placed the pickle ornament on a hook in my kitchen and placed some hand-made ornaments on my office door to be my own year long reminder to continue to live through and in Christmas.

(Baby Jesus waiting for the three kings.)

Happy 10th day of Christmas to you all - I hope you find some traditions that help you hold on to the joy of Christmas all year round!

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Anonymous said...

I like the pickle ornament tradition! I like, too, your mindset for going forward in the new year.