Monday, November 02, 2015

Thankful for Beth

Years ago, I had the pleasure to meet Beth Whitney when attending an Youth Ministry Forum at Princeton Seminary. Our conversation started over mutual compliments over headbands, scarves or some such nominal thing.

While conversations like this don't often go past the day they happen, this one lived on.

We live far apart.
We work in different fields.
But thanks to social networking and the strong relationships built with the Youth Ministry Institute's Cohort - we are still connected.

Beth is an amazing musician as well as a friend, mom, spouse and human being.
Today she shared a new video and song focused on the space for worry in life. 
These words cut me to the quick...

"If I fall...keep my picture on the wall."

We all worry.
But we also have people who hold us - and our pictures close.

I'm thankful to know Beth and that our first conversation over pretty accessories was more important than we realized.

I'll keep your picture on the wall, thanks Beth.

For your own appreciation, here is Beth and her husband Aaron singing "Sweet On You".

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