Sunday, November 01, 2015

Thankful for '"JOY!"

This a photo of my friend Pat Moser who created amazing pumpkin sculptures for years in spite of living with MS. (To view more of his "Grumpkins" click here.)

Pat lived life in "Joy!" and challenged so many others to joyful living as well. Just after I shared Pat's philosophy of "Joy" on Sunday morning, I came across a reusable cup at Starbucks that was for sale. It simply said the word, "JOY".

While "JOY" is not something that erases the difficulty of life, it is something to carry (like my cup) to all aspects of living.
"JOY" is, to me, the freedom to live knowing that God is always with me, understanding me, and patient with me in my failings. Living in "JOY" allows me to move into the sadness and grief that is a part of life - 
Because I'm not alone in it. (Or are you.)

While Pat passed away in 2010, his challenge to living in "JOY" remains today and every day.
For all the challenge,
For all the pain,
For all the grief we carry - there also is room for "JOY"
Hold on to "JOY"!

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