Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Thankful for "Mitleid-Help"

Some days seem lined with words like, "Joy" and "Hope", but then there are the days that surround us with calls, conversations, and unspoken chats that long for "Mitleid-Help".

Mitleid- Help for what is going wrong.
Mitleid-Help to meet an impossible deadline.
Mitleid-Help from ears to hear the story we long to tell.
Mitleid-Help to share in when things get a little crazy.

The call for "Mitleid-Help" does more than ask for our time and energy.
These calls ask for who we are to show up, to stand up and give ourselves to the other.
This is not pity, for pity only makes the distance between people grow.
These calls are not one sided.
They are reciprocal.
They are not demands.
"Mitleid-Help" is a request to be with the other - and the other to be with us.

Mitleid-Help for me.
Mitleid- Help for you.
Help is the "Mitleid" - the compassion,
that brings us together so that all can be held secure,
no matter how crazy things get.

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