Thursday, March 19, 2009

Foggy morning cat

Original cat image here.

Its a foggy morning washed in damp gray.
I see a sleepy serene city, slowly starting its day.

School buses stop at each street and are covered in morning dew.
Little children dressed in yellow rain coats dance in the mist with their umbrellas, as they wait for dripping folding doors to open and allow them to climb those big black steps inside and sit on a big vinyl green seat.

Windshield wipers steadily, but slowly cross my windshield.
Keeping the pace with water spitting tires and red stop lights;
driving down a hill, up and hill and around the corner.

I feel like a gunpowder gray cat that wants to curl up and rest in the quiet of this day. I'd nap away the morning chill till the sunrise dried up the dew and its beams came in my window to wake me.

I'd curl back up in a ball, nose to tail, and find a cozy patch of sunlight to sit in. Then I'd think about getting started, maybe.

But, I'm already started and halfway there. Engine running, turn signals clicking, and radio cracking and popping away.
I'm disturbing the solace of this morning with my moving around and going this and that way.

Gray foggy mornings make me wish I was that sun-soaking-napping-gray cat.
That would be the best way to soak in the peace of this sleepy day.

T.L. Eastman 09


Anonymous said...

The afternoon sun washes over our front porch. Oftentimes in the summer it is way too hot to sit on the front porch. On a sunny, cool day like today that sunshine feels WONDERFUL. I just came in from the front porch and read your blog. Your phrase about wishing that you were that sun-soaking-napping-gray cat made me smile. That's EXACTLY what I was doing on the front porch -- soaking up the sun and napping :-). I feel pleasantly warm now, when maybe 30 minutes ago I was chilly. Nice post, Tara.

Mel said...

Oh..for a non-cat person you certainly helped me wanna become one.

Very well written....sunsoaking (I can hope!) is officially ON the agenda.
G-d willing, of course.. ;-) said...

where is that picture of the cat from?