Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Middle Place and designer jeans

This last weekend, I had the opportunity and time to hit the mall and wander around my local Walden books/Borders store. I was there with my daughter as she was picking out a few books for part of her birthday gift. They had a decent sale going on, so I ended up with two books of my own as I left the store that day. One was "The Unlikely Disciple" by Kevin Roose, a journalistic expose on his incognito semester at Liberty University (which I just started today) and another up and coming book called, "The Middle Place" by Kelly Corigan.

About two weeks ago, a woman at the bookstore had suggested this book to me. Upon hearing that the book was based on the author's real-life dealings with cancer, I decided against it - I thought something more upbeat would be better to read.

This weekend, yet another woman at the book store tells me that "The Middle Place" is a must read. Either I was overcome with book greed or the red buy one get one sticker went to my head, but I got the book and decided to give it a try on Sunday afternoon.

Kelly Corigan has a wonderful way of telling her story. Its as if you are invited to sit down over a tall glass of iced tea and are told the most endearing, realistic, and compelling stories of hers and her families lives. Hours passed by on Sunday as I learned about her teenage years and her great desire for a pair of Guess jeans. When I was a kid, I always wanted a pair of Jordache jeans. According to her story and my personal experience, both our Moms had something in common. They both thought it was absurd to spend $50.00 on a pair of designer jeans.

Yes, Kelly's book is about her fight with cancer, but it is about so much more. The story revolves around childhood memories, the tension of growing up, the balancing act of relationships and the evolution of life. I was surprised by this book. I spent more time laughing than I did crying, but I did cry a bit too.

There are not too many books that I can read in a day, but this was one of them. Thankfully, I had Monday off so I could read it to the very last page and sleep in the next morning.

Go ahead, give yourself permission to check out for a few hours and become acquainted with "The Middle Place" and Kelly Corigan's life. You may find part of her story to be part of yours; designer jeans and all.


Mel said...

Oh no fair!! First it's the music and now it's the book!

Okay....fine.....next time to the bookstore--I'll grab it...and add it to the pile that's actually starting to dwindle! YEAH me!

Mel said...

BTW....thoroughly enjoyed the music--but I'm figuring you guessed that'd happen! Ty for the link, ma'am...very nice, indeed.