Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Pasta Dinner

(Image from Immanuel Lutheran School web page)

Sigh... a busy morning at church is over
and we load up the Toyota with bags of food.

Garlic bread wrapped in foil and already sliced;
ready to go into the oven and fill the house with garlic butter goodness.

Spicy Alfredo Pasta in a deep dish pan and topped with shredded mozzarella.
A lidded and bagged pan of red sauce with meatballs is ready to go.

The friendly decorated birthday cake and 20 cupcakes with fresh fruit on top
are secured in foil and a cupcake carrier.
Two kinds of soda and ice cream are ready and waiting to accompany the dessert.
They make good company.

Birthday pasta dinner at Grandma's house is on us this week.
The tossed salad is there all ready and waiting for us -
oh and the family is waiting for us too.

Oh, oh and the presents - don't forget the brightly wrapped PRESENTS!

The birthday-mobile is on the road with everything we need to celebrate:
Food, the birthday girl and even the candles.
Yes, can you believe I even remembered the candles this time around?

Sunday pasta dinner is home. Sunday pasta dinner is noisy. Sunday pasta dinner is much of my Sabbath.
Is it yours?


Therese Allen said...

Your description of a pasta dinner on Sunday brings to mind Family dinners at my Mom's house. Good times. My sister in law called them "Spagetti Parties". For a variation of garlic bread...I have a dynamite recipe for one I'll share with you if you are interested.
I continue to admire your amazes me at your breadth and depth. Keep up the good work. It is like an ice cream cone on a hot summer day.

Lamont said...

Yes more garlic bread recipes! Thank you for reading and comparing my writing to ice cream. If ever I compile some of this into a book - you'll have to submit that blurb for the dust cover! Ice cream indeed.