Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Variety bag Wednesday

This lamp can be found at Geekologie.
It was one of those days. Lots of variety, a little progress, several delays, lots of belly laughs, some sadness, a clumsy moment and a lovely bit of weirdness.

Weirdness like this lamp above - don't you love it?

Some planning for the next couple months of youth activities was accomplished, I spent too much time on an unsuccessful mp3 downloading project, for every phone message I answered - It seemed I received 2 more in their place, exercised TWICE today, I did not skip lunch, went to my Middle school group and we worked on a video project, chatted with a friend over a sad circumstance, picked up some supplies and dinner before youth group, ate dinner, played a group game called "RAGING ELEPHANT" only to wipe out on my right knee and end up with a giant purple and green ( and I hope temporary) lump below my kneecap, but besides the bag of old freezer-burnt hamburgers sitting in my injury during our lesson - I thoroughly enjoyed the group this evening. We ended the night laughing so hard! My friend and helper was in tears and my laugh consisted of my shoulders shaking violently, but my mouth making no noise at all!

Raging Elephant is a great group game that enlists elements of tag and a conga line. The "it" person is given two short sections of a pool noodle and is to tag others in the room with the NOODLE only! When another person is tagged, they join hands with the other person who is it and receive the other noodle. The game of tag continues until everyone is connected in a link by the hands after being tagged or the linked hands of the "elephant" comes apart. Either way, you start over at that point and play until all the elephants a wiped out.

The weekend is closing in - and there is lots to do. Gotta keep the laughter rolling frozen hamburgers on my knee and all!

Image from PJ Light House

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Mel said...

Frozen vegetables. That's what we use around here.

'Course, himself thinks that's a bit odd.
Didn't stop him from using the frozen peas when he had that headache last week....LOL

Do heal quickly...and yup....keep laughin'.....