Monday, March 30, 2009

SWB: So much to be thankful for

Some days it's funny how emotion just can roll over me like, well. A steam roller.

If I only relied on my emotions - (as I often do) loving my gut instinct and all - I'd really miss out on some serious bread.

Bread as in consolation, I mean. Not the green kind.

The desolation of the last week was a dear friend and co-worker be hospitalized, but thankfully he is home and on his way to recovery.

I had a check up of my own last week and had my own share of tests.
Have you ever had the possibility of a health issue totally freak you out? Now that I'm on the other side of the results, although they are good results; I find myself weepy.

This seems weird to me - shouldn't I be doing jumping jacks?

Maybe now that I know its safe, I can let the tears roll.
Do you know what I mean by this?
But really, the roller coaster of health issues is not a fun ride.
There is too much uncertainity and lack of control in the medical arena -
so back on the exercise and food journaling wagon I go.
That at least, I can control.

On to the consolation.

I was encouraged in my ability to teach art this week.
More schools want me to come and teach some classes!
This will be both financially and creatively helpful.
I enjoyed preparing for and celebrating my daughters 16th birthday.
It included Saturday shopping, cake baking and new recipe tasting.

Reading a good book is so wonderful. After all the birthday hurry, I opened the paperback, The Middle Place and read the whole thing by midnight on Sunday night!
(Don't worry, a book review is on the way!)

Reading this makes me greedy for another book fix.
I've got many more to read and think it is time to go pick one up, relax and check out for a while.

So much bread in the face of uncertainty, seemed certainty and whatever life throws our way.

In all of it, I know this.
There is bread, sigh and a sense of thankful relief.
There is good, wonderful bread.


Dianne said...

Wow, you are just kicking out the great posts! I love these SWB posts. The consolation/desolation is a good way to view things.

Lamont said...

Thank you Dianne - I seem to process what I read, listen too etc through writing so much lately. I appreciate your thoughts as a part of the process!

Mel said...

What awesome things in your past week! Ain't every day your kiddo turns 16 and cake, pasta AND garlic bread happens.... My hips are grateful for that. LOL

Happy new week to you, ma'am!