Tuesday, April 28, 2009

139 heart thoughts

Image: Heartsong By khollandsblog

Psalm 139:5
You hem me in, behind and before, and lay your hand upon me.

You hem me in,
you hold me close
in moments I miss and fail to notice.

Heavy my heart for the worries of the day,
If I could grasp how you still try to light my way.

You see and the corners
I try to hide
and still love who you see,
no darkness can hide.

Do I see me with your eyes
or ones that only see shortfalls and lies.

What do is see when I look at my face?
A mirrored reflection with it all out of place or
a life of hope, a mind to grasp it?

Do I get it all or only catch a glimmer a glimpse of my place?

Who I am and have been created to be.
A vessel of eikon - built to hold love.
Can I give it a try?

I am a child of G-d,
you made me to breathe -
not limited gasping moments but deep breath full of life and possibility.

Can I see what you see?
A child made in love, and made to be free.

T.L. Eastman 2009

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