Friday, May 01, 2009

Thankful for honest Abe

In light of reading my blogging friend Mel's reminder of the choices we all have in life, I'm making a thankful list for today to make up for, well - some really cranky attitude I choose to swim in earlier this evening. By the way family - sorry for that.

On to the thanks, for what I thought was a crummy, but really not day:

A sit down breakfast out with my hubby complete with over-easy eggs, sour dough toast, strawberry jam, a PITCHER of coffee and great conversation.

Getting a flyer project done for my youth group. Complete with bios on each student and pictures.

Beautiful color printers at the office.

People who call the office after reading my article in the monthly newsletter to tell me they were TICKLED by what they read! TICKLED! Love that word.

Little children that are content to sit by me and color with sharpies, chat about what movies they will see this weekend, and sing very loudly in my ears for over an hour. I think this means that they might just like me a little.

The mural project 90% done.

Shopping for the fundraiser breakfast and lunch on Sunday is 99.9% DONE and loaded into the kitchen. Whew (Thanks K for the help!)

Blogging buddies that keep me motivated to keep writing.

Beefsteak tomatoes that are perfectly ripe to eat with dinner. So tasty and beautiful. They remind me that summer is really truly coming to the northeast!

Being able to let myself have a moment for a good cry.

Saturday morning to come with no alarm needed.

Getting a better handle on this idea: "You can please some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time

Thanks for that Abe Lincoln - that is always something to remember.


Mel said...

WELL done, you!!

Darn that 'swishes' get to happen sometimes. It's always good when The Big Guy puts someone in my path to remind me what's what. I require 'slam dunks' on occasion, still.


((((((((( YOU ))))))))))))

Onward into a new and glorious day!

Skeeter said...

Nicely done. Yep, honest Abe was quite a guy and one to turn a good phase. Very interesting fellow.

Best wishes,


Lamont said...

Thanks for the Hug - needed that Mel - have a wonderful weekend.