Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The rabbit of Seville saves the day...

When I was a kid I used to watch Bugs Bunny with great delight. This clip is one of my all time favorites.

In the words of Bugs "Can't you see your next - you're so next..."

Nice boxers Elmer.

Here are some of the lyrics for the toon:
How do??
Welcome to my shop, let me cut your mop, let me shave your crop
Daintily, daintily
Hey you!!
Don't look so perplexed, why must you be vexed, can't you see you're next
Yes you're next, you're so next
How about a nice close shave
Teach your whiskers to behave
Lots of lather lots of soap
Please hold still don't be a dope
Now we're ready for the scraping
There's no use to try escaping
Yell & scream & rant & rave
It's no use you need a shave
(oh ouch ouch oh ouch oh oh ouch)
There, you're nice and clean
Although you're face looks like it might have gone through a machine
Oh, wait until I get that rabbit
What would you want with a rabbit
Can't you see that I'm much sweeter
I'm your little senorita
You're my type of guy
Let me straighten your tie
And I shall dance for you

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