Monday, May 11, 2009

Sleeping with bread: Enough

This last week, I've begun reading the book "Enough" by Will Samson. This thoughtful little book deals with the great conflicts of finding contentment within the excesses of western society. He not only approaches this question in regard to consumption alone, but aligns his questions in the perspective of being a follower of Jesus in the Way.

All last week I found myself muddling around the word "Enough". I thought about the books I purchase, the food I eat, and the weight of the impact my household alone makes upon the world around me. I even considered if I could try an experiment to see if I could manage to live on 1/2 of the food I normally consume in a week, or spend half of what I normally do on personal expenses and so one.

This still leaves me pondering - Just how much is enough?

When I look at the examen of Sleeping with bread and consider what I've had to hold on too in the last week or so, I can thankfully say, "Yes, I have enough, more than enough bread to hold on too in the midst of my life.

Yes, I had moments of thinking my life was not as full as I'd like it to be:

There are days emotions run really high, creative or work projects just don't seem to be moving along as I'd like them to, and sometimes there is a feeling of just keeping my head above water on that never ending to-do list...
but then there were:

People that gave me encouragement on the work front.
Two big work projects were put to bed.
There was an opportunity to build up and train some volunteers that did work out in reality.
There was food on my table, clothing on my back (even a new pair of snappy jeans and a nice top too!), water pouring from my faucet, a home to live and a lovely family to share it all with.

This is enough, more than enough.


Mel said...

I'm humbled.

Definitely needed to happen...

More than enough.


Lamont said...

Oh Mel,
I find it a humbling process too - even as I had to take my ever growing kids shoe shopping today, I kept thinking.. how much is enough? And felt blessed that they appreciated what they got so much they wore the shoes out of the store.
Little blessings and big blessings are even found on a clearance rack.:)

Mary-LUE said...

Oh, what a good question. Enough. You could just meditate on that for a long time, couldn't you?

Thanks for sharing. That books sounds like it is right up my alley!

dianne said...

Hm. Enough. A word that's been on my mind also lately. A word that needs to stay on my mind so much so that it seeps out into my life. I read their other book (the name eludes me right now) so I'll have to check this one out - thanks for the heads up and blessings to you!

Lamont said...

I think the other book is "Justice in the Burbs" - and its on my to read pile as well!