Sunday, May 10, 2009

Thank you Mom's

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As I think to sit and write this thank you post to all the Mom's in my life, I feel awash with an ocean full of memories of nurturing people. Here goes the great splash of thanks...

To my Mom: Thank you for giving me life, loving me, baking cookies with me, for encouraging me to be myself even when that was hard, and for understanding my need to express myself in what I said, drew and even wore - even down to the bell bottoms, butterfly shirt, and pixie hair cut on my first day to kindergarten. For all the PTA meetings, summer camps, choir concerts and rides home after track and volleyball - thank you for giving of your time and energy.

To my Mother in law - Janet: for welcoming me into your family, teaching how to be a better grown up, for encouraging me to go to college even when raising my kids, for helping to care for the kids when juggling work, school and ministry commitments, and for loving me as I am. You make a mean cup of tea too!

To Jackie:
You were a surrogate mom of sorts when I moved to NY state. You loved on Heather and took care of her when I had a hair appointment or errands to run, brought me groceries when I had the flu, and believed I could go back to school too. Thank you for that.

To Joyce: From sewing my maternity clothes, to helping me to grocery shop with a newborn baby, you helped me through that transition from young woman to mom. You may have never known how much I looked forward to our shopping trips, but they were the hi-light of my weeks as a new mommy. You were the first one to give me a gentle push to going to college after Heather was born and you got the brain ball rolling!

Thank you also to:
Leslie who shows me the example of a strong, intelligent and brilliant woman./Phyllis who shows me that there is always something to learn./Lois for proof-reading papers, making cups of tea, and giving the best hugs./To Dorthy who never gives up, doesn't pad the tough reality of life and always is first to say you love me./ Sue who has lunch with me at least once a week, has been my best-friend in my adult years, and is patient with my all over the place moments./ Mary-Lue started the SWB posts a while back now - I'm so thankful for your life and writing./ Mel you always leave me comments on my posts and I appreciate and look forward to them so much. I think I've become a better writer thanks to your input./ Peggy: you made going to college a little less frightening, a lot more fun and you became a wonderful mentor to me me academically and personally.

Thank you to all the mom's who have helped, nagged, encouraged, and loved me along the way. I hope you know, I'd never had made it without you all!
Peace and Happy Mother's Day!

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