Saturday, June 20, 2009

Art for all its worth - Newby style

Meet my new friend Shannon is an encaustic artist. That means she paints with bees wax and many other multi-media objects. I'd have to say that Shannon is a real-life art hero, as she continues to grow in her own skills and foster creative growth in others.
Here is my favorite new piece from her series..."For all it's worth". This series expressed her desire to really understand truth, love, grace and beauty.

Enjoy "Truth".

For more looks at Shannon's art that is available for purchase, visit her Esty shop: /shop.php?user_id=5250232 or check out her blog


Mel said...

Oh gosh.....lots of things to explore and enjoy!


Lamont said...

Shannon has such a beautiful way of expressing ideas with her art - glad you liked it!