Friday, June 19, 2009

Gardening in Espanol

Outside my window I hear the sounds of a spade cutting into the ground,
a lawn mower chops down the very over-grown grass of the abandoned house's yard.

The mower quiets and I hear the voices of the men working up a sweat in the early summer sun.
They laugh, they talk about life. They ask each other what they are doing manyana.

Coma estas. Muy bien, e tu?
Coma estas. Muy bien, e tu?
Coma estas. Mu bien, e tu?

How are you. Very good, and you?
Even I can understand this with my rusty Spanish.
I'm doing fine, thank you.

A scythe chopping away at too tall grass, gives the tempo for this cheerful conversation, even in the midst of hard work.

All this activity reminds me of that song, "Whistle while you work."
Only these fellows even have whistling beat.
I need to give gardening in Spanish a try.
It sounds like life, like progress, like hope.

Coma estas?
Muy bien, e tu?

T.Eastman 2009

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