Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Blessed with life and blessed with hope.
Blessed with words spoken with promise, courage and love.
Blessed with glimmers of light in the dark.
Blessed with real life goodness that connects with the heart.

Blessed with laughter, challenge and lark.
Blessed with silliness, learning and spark.
Blessed in the moments that catch me off guard.
Blessed in the days that get difficult and hard.

Blessing abounds in the days, minutes and hours
that pass my present moments like warm summer showers.

Blessing is here if only I look
to see, hear and taste goodness that wants to be took.

Blessing is waiting just around the bend
if only I'd always see it and greet it like a friend.

Blessing in light and blessing in dark,
help me see blessings in all my life - not just part.

T.L. Eastman 2009


Pamela said...

Goodness! Thank you SO much for the "Queen of All Things Awe-Summ" award! I have not been to my A Touch of Inspiration blog for awhile because I was having so much trouble with it. You are super sweet and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! :) I will post about it in the next few days at my blog.

Thank you also for posting this beautiful poem. It is an excellent reminder that we are truly blessed even if we don't always see it.

God bless you!

Mel said...


And don't think I didn't need this bit of wisdom from you this morning... Obviously did!