Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Gym Balancing Act

I've made some serious efforts in the last several weeks to improve what I'm eating and avoiding the kettle chips (oh how I love them) and was wondering from if any fellow bloggers have to say concerning the puzzle of balance in cardio and weight training? There are so many schools of thought in how to approach this question, that the professionals quite honestly have me confused and perplexed. Since last April, I've been working on the cardio and have been able to achieve jogging 2-3 miles about three times a week.

My motivation in adding the weigh training to my cardio (elliptical and jogging) is that I was told that by building muscle mass, I will burn more fat and actually be able to not have to spend so much time on cardio.

My sample week of activity is something like this: M W F (2 to 3 of these days) - Jogging 2 miles or elliptical for 40 minutes. T TH - warm up on ellipitical 10-15 min. and 2-3 sets of 14 reps. upper and lower body weights work. Saturday I sometimes take a dance class and Sunday is a total rest day or just a casual walk. My immediate goals are to tone up (especially in the core torso area)and continue to keep loosing weight and get to a healthy maintainable weight.

I'm not looking to be Ms. Universe, but I'd like to be fit. Any ideas, suggestions or cheering on - I'll take it and head to the gym.


Mel said...

Boy. I don't know sick'em about jogging or fitness....I do know a good walk for me means woods and bugs and lot of 'OH look!!' moments. (doubt that does much for the cardio workout..LOL)

BUT--I'm all about cheering folks on!!
Go YOU!!!!!

Lamont said...

Thanks Mel...
it's such a challenge to work lifestyle changes into life in a consistent manner. Keep on cheering!