Saturday, February 13, 2010

Blanket of love

( Image found at blog World of Snark craft)

Blanket of love

Flake by flake its falling,
seeking a place to land,
it seems so small and delicate
and melts instantly in my hand.

By the thousands they are falling,
making their way to earth.
They shimmer as I shiver
and watch them silently cover the dirt.

Thinking for a moment in my quiet reverie,
if each flake represented G-d's love -
but looked at the drifts saying,
"Surely that's not all for me."

G-d's love for us is like infinity,
just like these piles of snow.
This morning I became more aware of it
and now feel I've got G-d's story to tell.

I know that snowflakes are snowflakes,
and G-d's love is G-d's love.
But I spied a big fat snowflake,
open my mouth and ate it.

Thank you God for this snowflake, thank you God for you love.

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Mel said...


Ya know --I'm going to think about this as it's snowing today..