Thursday, February 11, 2010

The ups and downs of Livity

Last June I was shopping for a sturdy backpack for a trip I was taking later in the summer and stumbled across a lovely black-and-aqua-not-to-big-and-not-too-small backpack that was made by the Livity company which is centered on making quality merchandise that is responsibly created and constructed to last.

Here is a excerpt from the home page of their website.
LiViTY is a positive, healthy lifestyle.
Our products and message reflect our core values of sustainability and unity. All of our apparel and accessories are designed using organic, renewable and recycled materials and are produced in equitable trade. Livity’s 2010 collection is an expression of our commitment to conscious living and creativity.

I did not purchase the back pack when I found it because it went beyond the $40.00 mark at my local Wegman's Nature's Marketplace. We were supposed to receive a bag at the event I was attending, so I tabled the idea of buying the new one.

A few months later, I found the bag I'd been looking at again while grocery shopping. The bag I'd received on my trip was already worn out, so I was looking for a replacement, but I decided to wait one more time to see if the bag I liked so well would go on sale.

Every now and then I'd scope out the back packs and see if they were on sale and no they were not. I scoped out the online options, and they were no cheaper. So when my birthday rolled around this January and my husband asked me what I'd like - I blurted -"The Livity back pack I've been coveting since June!

So, you can imagine how happy a birthday girl I was, when that is exactly what I received. The bag is tough, but has some really attractive designs on it. It's not too frilly, but colorful and I fits all the things I carry on a daily basis with no trouble. That is, until yesterday.

As I headed home last evening, I picked up my bag and saw that the bottom of the strap was no longer fully attached to the bottom of the bag. It was beginning to unravel, so I stopped at Wegmans today to exchange it, but sadly all their back packs made by Livity were gone.

I talked with the NM Manager and she took my information and will be contacting Livity to see if I can exchange my current bag for a new one. I hope that they will receive the request for the exchange for a replacement knowing how I really do want the bag - it's just that I don't think the strap should come unstitched within a month of purchasing it. Maybe I'll have to pull out the old sewing kit to mend this one.

All in all Livity is a clever and cool new merchandise company that produces some amazing products - now let's see what the customer service is like.


Mel said...

Well, shoot.... let's hope they stand by their product.
That'd be somethin', huh?

It's a cute little thing. :-)

Anonymous said...

Our Customer Service Rocks!
Give us a call at our HQ to get an exchange going. Just ask for Brandon.

Trevor- LiViTY