Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Holy Conversations: What was/is your pilgrimage to God like?

"Agnostics, atheists, deists, seekers, the disillusioned, the contented, the hedonists - lots of names for different stopping places on the spiritual pilgrimage. The point is that different people are at different places in their spiritual pilgrimage. Our conversation needs to focus on the particular issues that engage each person when it comes to God. So in this session we will explore that shape of spiritual pilgrimage." (Page 28 Holy Conversations)

According to the text in Holy Conversations, we all are on a spiritual pilgrimage. Now that you've thought about your own journey a bit, think about where you are and give a name (your best guess) to where you think you might be in your spiritual pilgrimage.

What was your pilgrimage to God like? Consider the phases you went through in your pilgrimage of faith. What helped you move toward God? When you think of all the stages of your own transformation, what does that do to your perspective on other people's pilgrimage?

Lets begin our discussion on this idea of pilgrimage for the week of 2/10 - 2/18/10. Thank you for your participation. (If you are using the book, we shuffled our starting point a little. Technically, last week we talked about Chapter 2's questions and this week we are in Chapter 1. After this week, we should follow that chapter order as it is in the book. Sorry for any confusion.)

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Mel said...

Wow....what powerful questions to ask--and to hear answered.

That's such a personal quest, an individuated journey....

I don't know how I'd answer--of if I'd be able to capture it all. It's been such a process.
A struggle on my part cuz I'm such a hard headed person.

Self motivated, self confident, self sufficient........all things that brought me great pride until I realized 'self' kept repeating through it all.

All the blame, none of the glory for soooooooooo long.
Or maybe it only 'feels' long and arduous.....

Thank you for the questions.