Friday, September 18, 2015

Clumsy lessons

"I am not good at everything I attempt to do."
"I'm not an expert."
"This feels clumsy."

Statements like this, I think, that keep people - me specifically - from trying new things Better yet sticking with something that does not come naturally is actually harder. It may seem too extrovert for me to say this, but I actually love trying new things and going new places. But when it comes to working through things I'm not naturally good at - I struggle.

My internal voice may say things like, 
"Why aren't you getting this?" "Look over there - they are not having any problem with it."

Sometimes the internal voice slips through my lips and becomes audible sound. In fact, this nasty voice spoke from my own lips when trying to coordinate my breathing, kicking and arm position while swimming the breast stroke. Before I could stop it these words popped out:

"Why are you SO clumsy!!"  

I was so shocked I stopped swimming and bobbed in my lane for a full minute in shock. How is it possible, after all this time of intentionally working on silencing the negative gremlin voice, that it shows such determination to hang around?

I supposed those negative voices are best at speaking when we are feeling unsure or struggling to take on something new that takes practice. So my response was this...

I kept on - even in my clumsy way - and swam more laps.
They were not wonderful.
I choked on water and my arms splashed too much when cutting into the water.
But like the fish Dori from Finding Nemo says:


Today tell the negative voice to take a time out.
We have some swimming to do.

Found at Best Dori Quotes

Response: How do you overcome "negative gremlin" voice? What are your tips for working through learning something new? Please respond in the comments below.

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