Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Lovely-Hip lessons

As you may have heard me mention before, my vocation as a vicar gives me wonderful opportunities to meet some amazing people, some of which have seen a bit more of life than I have. In meeting and getting to know some of these folks who are many years young, I learn a great deal about life and how to keep on keeping on with a smile on my face. Some times the words I hear, like in a visit today, make me smile for a good long time.

"You certainly are a hip one!"  - is still ringing in my ears after a visit with a lovely lady approaching 90 years of living life. Her smile ranged from ear to ear as she spoke these kind words to me. I smiled back at her noticing her quiet elegance and said, "Thanks, you are lovely too!" As you might imagine, the smiles kept getting wider as we shared some time together.

Hipness and loveliness, I'm learning, has not as much to do with how we look compared to the attitude that lives underneath what we wear. Lovely-hipness is something that runs deep. It resides in the quiet chambers of our hearts and comes out in our conversations and interactions with others as we stop and recognize one another as: someone worth knowing.

You are someone worth knowing, no matter what you wear or if you do or don't have silver in your hair. You are loved. You are unique. You are lovely-hip!

If you give someone a chance to see it, they too will see that... you certainly are a hip one too!

PS. Baddie Winkle is another example of a fine lady who is lovely-hip. Visit her at her Instagram here. Watch a video about her life at Refinery 29.

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