Monday, September 14, 2015

Living lessons

Last week I had the privilege and honor of meeting a 94 year old woman who captured my heart in the first moments we met. It was once again an honor and privilege to be asked by her daughter the morning of her passing to officiate for her funeral today.

In all of the stories her family shared about her, it was clear that she lived life to the full everyday.
She loved life, her family and was always willing to learn something new. After her kids were grown she re-entered the world of education in taking an art class. This art class led to her going on to earn two masters degrees and starting a second career in elementary education.

A few weeks ago, my dear friend Deb gave me a hand made mini book pendent and chain that on the inside says:
Image found at art quote of the day
Deb's handmade quote book and Miss Mildred's 94 years of life have given me a wonderful gift. Merton's quote is one I've held close as a reminder to stay active in creative endeavors. Mildred's life stories of always learning something new call me to also remember to live in such a space.

We all desire to be lost in what we love to do - so that we might be found as well.
For life - may we all find with Mildred and Merton did; the space to live life and live it to the full.


Corinne Rodrigues said...

This is a lovely reminder for me too. Thank you, Tara.

Visiting from September's NaBloPoMo.

LuAnn Braley said...

Visiting today from NaBloPoMo.

I had that kind of connection to my husband's Mamaw (whom I know better than any of my blood grandparents). Her art was created in the kitchen.

Tara Lamont said...

LuAnn - Thank you for reading and commenting. I'm so glad you had this kind of experience with Mamaw!
Vicar Tara

Tara Lamont said...

So thankful this story connected with you. Thank you for continuing to read and comment here, it means so much!
Vicar Tara