Sunday, September 13, 2015

Love lessons

Today was full of familiar songs, joyful clowns (literally), parish fellowship and an afternoon of witnessing the hands-on caring of people at a funeral home visitation for a church family. It's hard on these kinds of days to be apart from loved ones. I see families assembled. I hear their stories and laughter. I feel the closeness of this space and long for my family, their stories and hearing their laughter.

But just yesterday I heard their laughter in my ears.
It was just a moment ago.
Time in its wonder has a way of tucking pockets of love in tesseract folds.

In a moment I'll unfold a moment and we'll all be together.
In that moment I'll tuck away tears
and hold fast to the music of the laughter that is
ringing - in real time- in my happy ears.

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