Saturday, October 17, 2015

Amazing grace named Jessica

Unforeseen circumstances cause people to be literally stuck.
Unexpected travel snafus, debit card ooopsies and distances too far to fix face-to-face or in the nick of time. In those moments, there are many unseen disasters that can happen. Nothing, it seems, can budge the stuck. For reasons I can't explain these hiccups that can turn into terrible things happen.
Some circumstances leave stuck chaos...
but others open a window for grace to enter.

Tonight for my son stuck in Midtown,
grace came walking by.
She saw a need and softened a heart to help -
and planted a seed for hope to grow.

Where self and darkness could have won;
light and kindness made it's way.

Thank you Jessica from the Midtown Hilton.
Your random act of service and kindness
was a blessing deeper and wider than the miles
that my college freshman son and I are apart.
Your were the bridge we so needed tonight.

Thank you Jessica, for your amazing grace.

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