Friday, October 16, 2015

Ecopsychology Resurrection

My daily reader (Simple Abundance)  had something to teach me about 'Ecopsycology' today. According to the author, Psychologists that embrace "ecopsychology believe that deepening our emotional ties to nature is vital to our well-being as the close personal bonds we pursue with family and friends. When we follow our instincts to leave the city for a weekend in the country, garden in the early morning...visit a zoo... we are responding positively to psychological and physiological urges to connect for survival." (Simple Abundance, Oct 16 entry) 

In August of this year, I relocated to a more urban area than I've lived for twenty years, but thankfully where I live is surround by a considerable amount of green space. My living room also connects me to the outside world by a small terrace that looks out onto a green courtyard...this morning I noticed the sweep of fallen yellow leaves dusting its corners. This small change and contrast to the green delighted my heart as I got ready to commute home for a day home with family and friends.

The more I consider it, I think that "ecopychology" is really an important asset to the well being of humanity. I may not be a wonderful gardener but the small green plant that sits at my dining room table is a joy to me. I love to watch its growth and even had a friend who was more plant-wise come to help me figure out how to care for it better. Now, as you can see, this little plant is thriving and this fact brings me joy.

We love to see things grow. We love to pause and take a deep breath of fresh air. As I get ready to drive over hill and valley and vineyard on my commute home I think I may look at my surroundings a bit differently and let the green and autumn colors help bring me to life too,

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