Monday, October 12, 2015

Messenger of "Peace"

Just a few days ago, a robin greeted me in an unusual way.
As I opened my car door something brushed against my leg.
I turned to see a robin hop into the front seat of the car and 
settled on the front dash.

Image is a cross-stitch that translates from Greek as "Good Morning"
created by Penelope Panagopoulos

The bird did not seem scared of me - but was looking for a way to head back into the beautiful
sunshine and open sky.
With a little help the robin made its way out into the parking lot and flew away.
But after it flew away, I could not help but wonder if 
this feathered friend had a message for me...

In some native american traditions, robins are viewed as messengers carrying a message "Peace".
This message is one that I'm happy to receive.

Peace can hop into our lives when we least expect it - if we are willing to open to door.


Linda Gross said...

I would have been startled if a bird hopped into my car! Peace to you, my friend :)

Tara Lamont said...

I was initially a little startled, but my fear was quickly overcome with how cool the experience was! Thanks for reading and commenting Linda.