Sunday, October 11, 2015

Children of the water

How often is it that a ten year old boy says to his great aunt,

"I want to be baptized. Will you baptize me?"

Earlier this summer my great nephew Eli asked me this exact question. His question came on the heels of he baby brother, Atticus, birth. Days passed, but Eli would not forget his question about baptism. He got the ball rolling and kept it going until October 11, 2015.

This story gets even better as Eli continues to ask for what he desires and requests my husband Ian and I to stand as godparents for himself and Atticus. 
We were honored.
We said yes!

The day arrived.
The Eastman and Sullivan clan arrived in full force.
We were so proud, of Eli's desire to be called a child of God and carry his three month old brother to the waters of baptism with him.

This was a day to treasure - and remember.
Elias Robert Eastman and Atticus Joseph Sullivan 
are publicly and forever children of the water.

In Gratitude -
Auntie Vicar Tara

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