Friday, May 29, 2009

Art Friday

Friday afternoons, I usually spend a few hours working on art projects with some children in a local after school program. In light of this, I thought it might be fun to look around and on each Friday post a painting or work by particular artists that catch my eye.

This first painting that captured my attention is called "Unity".
If you know me, you know I'd be drawn to it for the title. But there is something in the color and the movement of this piece that give attention to the reality of tension in relationships that function in unity. There is balance, connection in this painting of these ladies standing hand-in-hand; but there is also leaning-pulling- give and take - and working to stay together. To stay united there is work to be done. This painting by Monica Stewart tells the truth.

Unity by Monica Stewart


Mel said...

Very lovely.....what drew me in was the fabrics that tie.

Very appropriate title for the painting, dontcha think?

Lamont said...

The fabrics almost seem to to blend into the landscape don't they. They seem grounded or centered because of this.