Thursday, May 28, 2009

Giving and receiving: the paradox of hope

Earlier this morning, I was checking out Jedidiah Clothing and their new summer designs and I came across another hope video telling the story of about people taking the time and resources they have to care for those who are in need. It's a good story to help develop some perspective on the complexity of haves and have nots of life. Isn't it a paradox, that the ones that give a gift to someone in need end up walking away from the giving with more than what they gave away.
Something to think on...

Christmas at The Gabriel House from Jedidiah Clothing on Vimeo.

"It’s around one-o’clock Monday morning. I just got back from Baja California, Mexico where I accompanied 10 of my good friends on a trip to the Gabriel House. Like any great Mexico excursion, this one had its share of adventure, bonding, good waves, sketchy Tijuana back roads and fish tacos >>Read and See more photos here >>

You can learn more about the Gabriel House by clicking here >>"


Mel said...

LOL You know I'll give it a watch!


Lamont said...

There a many more neat videos from Jedidiah at the Vimeo link...grab a cup of joe and enjoy!