Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Image from the blog Natural Perfumery

Butter melts in a non-stick pan.
Cracking brown eggs makes them sizzle and pop on the hot surface.

Almost orange-yellow yolks look up at me as the whites transform from their translucent state to edibleness.

Pepper and salt dance throughout, making my taste buds do a morning tango.

Toast, a tortilla, some cheese and whatever I find in the fridge make great partners to what is already cooking.

Juice washes away the sleepiness of early Tuesday morning.
I take a few minutes to consume my creation with great delight.

I am awake
and this day is completely new.

Eastman, 2009


Heart2Heart said...

Yummm! I haven't had breakfast yet and this is a constant reminder of what is missing this morning.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Mel said...

I can do this!

That's how well it was written, ma'am....over easy, thanks. ;-)