Monday, May 25, 2009

SWB: Sunshine and shadow

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At the end of a 4 day long break from the working world, it's become hard to remember the shadows of the last week.

There were a few though, like: my sister in law's eye surgery and later being hospitalized due to some complications. She's not yet been discharged, but is starting to feel some better.

After a long month and a half of little time off, I was so ready for 5pm Thursday to roll around. I had to hustle to get some things accomplished, but it was worthwhile to get to the long time-detached weekend.

The sun was glorious. Playing, reading, swimming, and drawing with my great nephew was grand. There were many rounds of Mario Cart, Scrabble, and Diet Coke with my whole family this weekend. Sigh.

These moments make me miss summers of days long past.

There was a beautiful wedding in Buffalo that my hubby and I attended on Saturday. What a lovely reason to hop in the car in snazzy new clothes and spend some uninterrupted time with each other.
There was time for some reading and writing, as you can tell by my posts for today. I even cracked open my notebook journal and that hasn't happened for a while.
We wrapped up the holiday weekend and trekked back home to unload our luggage, do some dishes and even have two guests over for a simple dinner of: hot dogs, chili sauce, homemade loaded potato salad, leftover spicy chicken sun-dried tomato Alfredo pasta, baked beans and fresh loose leaf iced tea.


As I laid on a raft in the pool late this afternoon, I closed my eyes and let the current take me where it willed. Sometimes I was in the shadow and sometimes I was in the sun. I would not know how to long for the warmth of the sun without the coolness of the shadow.

Summer is here and there is shadow and sunshine. This is alright, because I'm held up by the raft of hope that sustains me in every current I travel.


Mel said...

Oh, what a peaceful moment on the raft....*happy sigh*

<-- needs a raft moment or two.

dianne said...

Where would we be without those "rafts of hope"?

Sounds like a much needed relaxing weekend. Hope your transition back is easy too.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that you were able to have such a relaxing weekend.

Heart2Heart said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful blog. I think we all need moments of just relaxing poolside and taking in all the beauties that lie in the moments of peace and quiet.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Lamont said...

Knowing there are more floating in the pool moments to come makes me smile. Thank you all for reading.