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Selah Season

 Holy Shenanigans Podcast Episode #162 Selah Season Tara continues sane spiritual practices with an opportunity to practice, "Selah". This week's Scripture focus:  Psalm 62. Questions for Discussion: 1. What Spiritual Practices do you enjoy? 2. Are your Spiritual Practices Active or more Contemplative?  3. Do you "Selah", before you Serve? 4. Do you think pause (Selah) should come before Service? Why or why not? 5.  If you could give advice to a friend about the value of pause, what would say? 6. Where can you find a pocket for Selah/pause in your day?
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Star Words for 2024

 What is your Star Word for 2024? Episode #161 Holy Shenanigans Podcast Join Rev. Tara Eastman, as she shares the spiritual practice of choosing an annual “Star Word” and gentle options for spiritual renewal with special guest, author: Rev. Katy Stenza.  Katy Stenta is a PCUSA pastor, writer, workshop leader and community builder. She is currently vice moderator for Albany Presbytery, regular contributor to Sermonsuite and leads workshops on writing, particularly prayer and liturgy. Her conversational prayers and psalms are used by people and churches all over the world from  and she is all but dissertation for completing her Doctorate in Ministry in Creative Writing as a public theologian at Mr Roger' alma mater  Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.

St. Brigid Blessings on the Threshold

In preparation for St. Brigid’s day, I consider the blessings that are with us on the threshold.  What are the blessings, neither at the beginning or end, but in the middle.  In transitional spaces that take up most of our days? I think that the threshold can be a space of healing. An opportunity to see things in a new way. A river that takes us to new places of grace. May you feel the presence of love in your thresholds. May it flow from all our beginnings through to each end. May the space of threshold be a balm like lavender, healing our battle wounds. May we find healing in the inbetween. Healing lives on the threshold. #blessings #stbrigid #taralamontart

A Twenty Year Tale of Holy Shenanigans

  A Twenty Year Tale of Holy Shenanigans: Wildgoose Journal 2#: Doug Pagitt bought my first beer Seriously though,  Doug Pagitt  bought me my first beer at age 30 something. I had grown up in a church tradition where alcohol was not permitted, so I was something of a late bloomer in trying something so common as a beer. My spouse and I were attending an Emergent Pittsburgh event where Doug was the presenting speaker. At the end of the day, the leadership invited us to go to dinner with them at  The Church Brew Works in Pittsburgh . It was at this dinner that I took note of the other guests enjoying a tall cool one, and asked the waiter what they might suggest for a brand new beer taster to try. All the while, I was doing my best to keep this conversation quiet, but Doug was delighted upon leaning my lack of beer knowledge and shouted from the end of the table, "I'm buying the lady at the end her first beer!" My face flushed as all eyes were on me - but as cool as I could

Faith In Harm Reduction and International Overdose Awareness Day

In honor and remembrance of   International Overdose Awareness Day , on August 31, 2023 this week's episode focuses on,  "Faith In Harm Reduction " with special guest   Rev. Erica M. Poellot , MSW, MDiv.    Rev. Erica M. Poellot, serves as the  Minister of Harm Reduction and Overdose Prevention Ministries for the National United Church of Christ  and Executive Director of  Faith in Harm Reduction . As a faith leader engaged in a long term healing process from substance use disorder, Erica founded  `Faith in Harm Reduction'  to co-create a justice movement which connects people who use drugs, their loved ones, and communities of faith through the development of harm reduction centered spiritual resources, ritual support, and spiritual care.  With joint MDiv/MSW degrees from Union Theological Seminary and Columbia University in NYC, Erica is based at  Judson Memorial Church  in NYC. Erica also serves on the Board of Directors for Safehouse and the  Peer Network of New Y

What Treasure Do You See?

The collection of treasure on my windowsill might not look like treasure to someone else, but it is treasure to me.  I see a plaque that a family member gave me over 10 years ago to announce news of the grandhuman.  I see a freshly transplanted plant, that I nurtured from tiny cuttings on a greenhouse visit.  I see an adorable mushroom planter I found at Citiot on vaca that was a perfect home for my baby plant. I see a handmade pog-chip affirming all-body positivity created by Borderline Normal . Our vision sometimes needs an adjustment to see the treasure right before us.  What treasure do you see around/in you today?

Mary's Assumption Day:Yes to the Middle

In the book “Untie The Strong Woman” by Clarissa Pinkola Est├ęs , I heard a story about Mary the Mother of God and how she navigated a call to be engaged on the earth, care for the poor and connected with the sacred.  She navigated middle space between Heaven and Earth with grace with a resounding, “Yes”.  Today on August 15th,  the Catholic Church, and those who are drawn to Mary, celebrate her Assumption Day. This day declares that she was taken up to Heaven, body and soul, at the end of her life. Even in her farewell she said yes to the both/and.  (Photo of stained glass window comes from Our Lady of Knock Shrine in East Durham, NY.) What does saying yes to the sacred and the earthy mean to you?  What middle place do you feel the most comfortable?  What is challenging about being in the middle? Where do you feel most connected to your body and spirit?