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Showing posts from January 20, 2013

Wake up

Early start. I can hear the beat of my heart. Tires crunch through the snow. I know this is the way to go. Bags are packed, feeling on track, now waiting for the next leg in the road. Adventure awaits, no time to waste, only minutes till take off, depart. Warmer I pray, at the end of this day. With water, and wisdom, and heart.

Real life

Stomach bugs, laundry loads, family as team pulling together on the in between. Moving around, resting and sound; even then the wash rinses and spins out real life.

Canine happy is...

Canine Happy is... Wagging of tail, running to see if that person at the door is  you know who... Me! My requests are small - food, water and love. I'll cuddle, and huddle and protect  for all the above. Canine happy is you with me. On warm days and wet days and the days that go all the way down to 3'. (Aggie is our 5 year old rescue dog - a beagle, cattle dog, corgi and maybe Dalmatian mix. She is especially good at going on long jaunts, dancing in circles and loving her people. She is the subject of projectlife365's assignment for today - what makes me smile. :) Hope she makes you smile too!)

Project life 365: Consider the Ravens

Project Life 365 Web Trailer from Project Life 365 on Vimeo . Project life 365 is: Daily Photos. Personal expression. Group interaction. Storytelling. Creative. Simple. Do-able. If you want to play along - join me and many others at: PROJECTLIFE365 Today's photos is a segment of a collage called "Something from nothing". I began this collage last April and re-found it this morning on contemplating the ideas of non-worry and trust. Consider the ravens, they do not sow or reap... Art and Photo by T.L. Eastman