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When the poor ones

Sing First Verse of “When the Poor Ones” 1   When the poor ones, who have nothing, still are giving;      when the thirsty pass the cup, water to share;      when the wounded offer others strength and healing:   Refrain      We see God, here by our side, walking our way;           we see God, here by our side, walking our way   Late one night this week, I was thinking about the scriptures selected for today. These short, but powerful portions of  welcome from Jeremiah 28 and Matthew 10, rattled around in my mind – making it impossible for sleep to come. So, in the middle of the night I wrestled with the message of this scripture and noticed a bunch of cilantro that had arrived in a produce delivery earlier that day. As I got a closer look at the freshly cut sprigs of green – they were clean and dried off  - but wilting and scattered on the kitchen towel. I was surprised by their wilted state. How this could be? In my earlier hurry to “take care” of prepping my we