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A new day for the Artist, Monk, & Mystic

Image found at Fuse Visual Arts News Blog . Bruce Nauman . The True Artist Helps the World by Revealing Mystic Truths. (Window or Wall Sign). 1967. Neon with glass tubing suspension frame. The artist looks out to see what the world will speak - and listens carefully with a purpose. Focusing, showing and sharing the beauty of dew covered spiderwebs, the hardship of an elderly neighbor, and the babbling brook of possibility at each days dawn. The Monk is kneading bread that rose with the sun and clangs around the kitchen, drinking coffee, waiting for the bread to rise. Using his hands and heart he follows his instincts and mind to commune with God and invites others to come and break bread too. Early light breaks and the mystic takes note - but stays focused on dreams and wonder she's pondered all night. Birds chirp, seeming to ask what new thing has been revealed in the twilight. She smiles at their song, knowing her time to sing is coming soon. Copyright T.L.Eastman M

First steps to wholeness

I've been running and jogging for about five years and my husband is currently in the process of learning to run with the help of the online resource, Couch to 5k. This is the same program I used four years ago. What's interesting about our running is that we are not what some might think as prime candidates for the sport. We are sturdy folks. However, running has proved to be a help for both of us to reach healthier fitness goals. If it helped us in this way, why couldn't help others too? Here's a photo of me finishing my first 5k August of 2008: Summer 2009 I heard the founder of Back on my feet speak to over 30,000 youth at the ELCA Youth Gathering in New Orleans . Anne Mahlum took action on an idea to using running as a practical tool to fight homelessness and addiction and it's now become her life's work. First Covenant Church , Zion Covenant , and First Lutheran of Jamestown (where I work) have a combined mission called, First House . It's