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Names, music and more

I've always loved music. When I was little I'd turn on the radios on Friday nights and listen to 50's and 60's oldies all evening and dance and sing the night away. Two songs I really remember getting 'down' to were: Snoopy and the Red Baron ( I'd act it out) and Purple People Eater. You can tell I was around six years old by my choice of favorites. I've been involved with music in lots of different ways: school musicals, singing in my room, choir and acapella, church solos, wedding/funeral singing, music therapy with kids, singing lead in a christian rock band, singing lead for a bubblegum music "for kids" band, and many time singing at nursing homes. I've sung in groups, solo, in recording studios and my shower. Singing and music have had an incredible effect and influence upon my life direction and currently my career direction as well. While I enjoyed playing in bands - most of the time I've been singing has been within in church. C