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Showing posts from October 20, 2013

Flick or Treat Family

Saturday shuffle. Child wrangling. Appointment keeping. Long nap cuddling. Blustery wind pressing. Accidental Halloween Parade mixing. Soft pretzel sharing. Youngest son's film screening gathering. Pizza noshing. Rice cereal and lavender baby bathing. Latte sipping. Laundry sloshing. Homework nodding Living room piling. This flick or treat is delighting. T. L. Eastman  October 2013

Yellow Leaf

This yellow leaf,  once was green with promise. It was connected, nourished, and alive. Hints of the fall were all around: Crisp evenings, rushing winds, and shorter days. But this yellow leaf fell in silence.  There was no sound as she surrendered to the swirling water. Her story was not collected, heaped up or leaped into. She twirled,  calmly, quietly and silently; so as not to cause a stir on the surface. But the space she left behind was deep, wide, and shouted of her absence. Yellow leaf had curly raven hair, ice blue eyes, fair skin and freckles - that showed themselves when you stood close. Silence should not claim your life. So today, I shared the story of your death and the dream of our goodbye  that gave me hope to keep on living. Yellow leaf,  no more will you float in silence. You should dance on the wind,  swirl dramatically into your favorite wood, and be swept up over and over again:  for leaping,  laughter  and your loud, love of  life. By: Tara