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More than / less than - Advent

Image from 123RF. During this season of Advent, our thoughts may turn to the wise men searching through the challenges of distance, obstacles, and the great unknown as they searched to find Jesus. Who was this Jesus they were seeking? How would meeting him change their lives? How did they feel as they finally came to the place where Jesus laid waiting for their arrival? There are many things we can desire this Advent season. Out of all the things we could place on our wish list, what if what we desired most was Jesus? How would Jesus change, mold and impact our lives if he were at the top of our "wish" list? May this season of preparation for Christmas day bring you joy, peace and most of all -Jesus. This Advent, may we seek Jesus just like the wise men did on that silent, holy night when they found him lying in a manger. Jesus waits for us to seek him. Follow the star. More than/less than Prayer What do you need more of in order to draw close to Jesus this Advent seaso