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Grow where you are planted

Grow where you are planted... This photo was taken 4 years ago today, while in interviews to be approved for Ordination. I knew that day that things were not going well and that I was going to face some difficult criticism. At the end of the day my gifts for ministry were affirmed, but the team determined for me to have experience in a new context and I was told I would serve a vicar year away from home.  In the matter of a day, my whole world seemed to chan ge and the emotions of that moment are still palpable today. However, God in all God’s mystery, love and mercy was with me through all of it...even the ugly crying, wandering and coming through the challenges of a call to a new place. These purple flowers breaking through the cement are still a reminder today that God is present in all things, in all times.  God is with you.  Remember this today.   # gratitudematters