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Sneaker Culture - A perfect fit?

After looking into the cost and competition of the sneaker culture that lives and breathes in the consumer market, I was not shocked by the following quotes form the founders/administrators of Greedy Genius merchandise. (One pair of these shoes retail for an average of $225.00) Quotes from the founders of Greedy Genius taken from an interview by Amanda Koger for Nick Lostrs: Greedy is the overwhelming desire, and achieving, I guess, is the genius side of it. We came up with a lot of names but that one was the ultimate. It just fit us perfectly. Mikhayel Tesfaye: I think it's evident when you look at the sneaker culture and where the kids that really do this are headed; like, everybody is in the game of sneakers at the end of the day. Everybody's goal is to stack as many pairs and the idea of being a collector and all that is taking over. So, I think being we're rooted in the sneaker culture as a brand; it kind of speaks for everybody who's