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Bouncing anxiety

On my recent travels to Wartburg seminary I was required to take a week away to study two classes: Hebrew Bible 2 and Church as Community. During the five days of classes, it was necessary to stay focused, listen and learn as much as possible in the intensive week. Sitting still is not always my strongest suit. If it gives you some perspective, my parents dubbed me as “Tigger” before I was two years old. However, this time at seminary gave me time to wrestle with the challenge to listen more and worry less.   Image found at: how to get past a bouncer The lesson this week focuses on two sisters that give a good example of the contrast between listening and worry. Upon Jesus arrival at their home, he is welcomed by Martha and is ushered in. Martha disappears from her company to make preparations for them. Mary immediately takes a place sitting at Jesus feet and listens alongside of the men, which was not the custom of the day, to hear Jesus teaching. As time passes, Mar