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The epiphany of "WE"

In life, it can be easy to succumb to the idea that we are better off left by ourselves. People can hurt or offend us. We can become tired of all the noise of being in community.We can long for peace and quiet that we find in solitary space. Even as a extrovert, there are times that living in the atmosphere of "WE" becomes too much. Taking a pause needed? Yes. Collecting our thoughts is important? Yes. But saying farewell to community forever because it's challenging, frustrating and stressful?  NO! In the account of the Kings coming to see the Christ Child, we see three people traveling to seek something - someone - that made living in community something good, life-changing and hope-giving. This Christ Child brought with him God's promise of love, forgiveness AND a call to be in community. To be "We" instead of "Me". God, help us in the midst of conflict, frustration, and anxiety. Holy Spirit, help us to live into the new life of commu

#advantageousadvent Day #40 Keep on keeping on

Psalm 72, Joshua 1:1-9, Hebrews 11:23-31 Down through the ages God has taught us how to be just and righteous thru His example.  If we choose to live this way we will flourish and prosper.  We need to continue to have faith and follow God's example to the best of our ability.  Always remember no matter how many trials and tribulations we go through God is always with us. Judy Lind