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Showing posts from April 3, 2011

Spring Sniffles

Image found at Flicker. Stuffy nose, pounding head. Maybe someone ought to go to bed. But phones gonna ring, and email is gonna sprawl, with a stuffy nose running and head ready to fall. Springtime sniffles don't make any sense, with crocus blooming and sweaters hanging over the fence. I want to soak up all the sun I can stand, and leave spring sniffles behind me like a too-long winter that finally says... "Uncle", shrugs it's shoulders and walks away with open empty hands. T.L. Eastman 2011

The Triple A Toolbox

Triple AAA is the place you call when you are stuck in a ditch, your battery is dead or you have a flat tire. Either way, without Triple AAA or a car jack - you can't get anywhere very fast. Sometimes, you have to call for help and obtain the right tools to fit the challenge of becoming unstuck. Last Fall I attended training with Charlie Roberts from the Lutheran Theological Seminary of Gettysburg. He spent some time teaching ways of fostering foundations for Youth Ministry, and ultimately the whole churches ministries, that last. One of this things he said was necessary for success, was recruiting and helping to develop "Triple AAA Adults" to help serve in ministry. Just like the folks you call when you have a flat tire, triple AAA volunteers help to build a strong foundation in ministry with their unique gifts. These volunteers build people up, help to develop meaningful cross-generational relationships in the church community and function in the capacity of a mento

God mystery...

This hymn was brought to my attention by my husband after her received it from a devotional email he subscribes to. I love how the author of this hymn embraces the awesome, abundant mystery of God. The mystery of God is impossible for humanity to fully comprehend, and yet how we are drawn into always wanting to know God more. The truth of God is greater far The truth of God is greater far Than our poor human mind, Than any doctrine, creed, or sect, All partial and confined. His treasures hold uncounted wealth That hearts have never heard. Our boundless God has yet more light To shine out from His Word. Who dares to limit God Himself To what we understand, To shrink His sprawling mystery And hold it in our hand? Immensity of purest love! An ocean unexplored! Our boundless God has yet more light To shine out from His Word. O Lord, Your Word is Jesus Christ, Your truth in us begun, But O the depths of all He is And all that He has done! Let faith and love each day increase The

The Blessing Challenge

For a little while now, I've been reading 'Life of the Beloved" by H. Nouwen with a group of young adults. Most of our discussion has been centered on embracing the fact and practice of being "Beloved" by God. This last week, we've moved on to the topic of "blessing". Image from Cathy Jamison Fine Art. When I think of a blessing, I think of a prayer said before a meal or a night-time "Now I lay me down to sleep...". I learned that the meaning of blessing is benediction and when that word is broken down to it's root meaning it is: Speak/well. I was challenged in our discussion to consider how much talking would cease if the only speaking we uttered was a blessing, a benediction, or speaking well of self and others at all times. What we hear from others and speak has an incredible impact upon the world. The practice of blessing and affirmation is one that proves to be a great value, especially in light of all the 'other'