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Hide and seek

Hide and seek was one of my favorite games to play as a child. My favorite place to hide was the hamper in my Mom and Dad's bedroom. It seemed like the best hiding place in the world. It was dark, cool and cozy. I could even peek through the woven wicker to see if anyone was coming to find me. It was a fun adventure playing, hide-and-seek, but only if my hiding places was within the safety of my hamper hideaway. In the account in Genesis 28, Jacob is in a life and death game of hide-and-seek. Before Jacob had this dream of a ladder, angels and God and headed out on his journey, he had pretended to be his older brother Esau in the presence of his elderly and almost blind father Isaac. Esau was so angry with Jacob that he had vowed to kill Jacob – so Rebekah their mother sent Jacob away to stay with her brother to hide away until Esau was no longer angry. Jacob intended to hide away in a safe corner of the world until he heard word from his mother that it was safe to come back home.

Is chalk writing a crime?

Over the last year or so a group of Buffalo Christians, coined Relevant Worship Ministries , have been taking steps to go beyond the comfort zones of their churches and reach out in love to the people in the city of Buffalo. This summer, they've been participating in "Chalk Thursdays at the Square". The idea is simple and beautiful. You come downtown, you write and draw on the sidewalk, you make friends with the people hanging out there and over time you build friendships, offer help and support where you can, and try to follow through with loving your neighbor as you love yourself. After checking out the weekly photos and group news on Facebook, I decided to take a field trip with Heather and Heidi to help out and learn more about this city outreach. We all met around 7 pm at Liberty Square. There were tons of people there as they have concerts downtown every Thursday evening. There were various organized groups all along Main Street. Some were protesting the war in Iraq

Coffee Talk: Money and Anger

How often do we ever get the chance to chat about really makes us angry? I'm not talking about, " The SUV driver cut me off and then pulled right into the mall!" or " They didn't have my favorite _______ at the store and I'm really ticked!" kind of mad. I'm talking about the kind of angry that we get when we see, witness, or experience something that requires an action or reaction from us. At book club a little while ago we were discussing the passage in Mark where Jesus trashes the temple. Jesus is really ticked off in this situation, so we asked each other why this was. Thanks to a little thinking and pondering of the story, as well a one of our attendees knowledge of how the Jewish Temple was set up, we've gathered these particular insights as to why Jesus was so angry with what was going on. The area that the money changers and sales was taking place was a place that was supposed to be reserved for "All the nations" to come and pray

It all come's out in the wash...

Would of, should of wish I could of. Wanting hindsight now. Mis-match, dispatch. Relationship re-hash. Should have learned by now. For all the chime and consideration, for all the time and tears... It all comes out in the wash, my friend, and what don't disappears. Let it go, don't let it muddy the laundry. Let it go don't let it bleed. Let it go, for all the wonder. Let it go and let it free. Trapping, trying so much striving. Wanting to lead the plow. People, problems you can solve em', Watson has nothin' on you now. For all the rhyme and reiteration, for all the chimes and cheers... It all comes out in the wash, my friend, and what won't colors years. Let it go, don't let it bleach the laundry. Let it go, don't let it fade. Let it go, to all the thunder. let it go and let it rage. Grief and forgiving for that old living. Coming back to life again. Past regrets only fix is not repeating again. For all the tears and transportation, for all the p

Sleeping with Bread Monday - back to the beginning

Sleeping with Bread is based on the spiritual practice called the Examen by St. Ignatius. Basically, it is a weekly time to look at both the positive and negative aspects of your life. It's been a long time since I've practiced my sleeping with bread Monday, but the crazy times of the last few weeks have caused me to do a bit more reflection than I have been. I good friend of mine writes 'morning pages' every day for a half hour before she starts her day. It's her way (and many that ascribe to The Artists Way ) of clearing her mind and heart at each days beginning. I've always hesitated to do 'morning pages' as my mornings are usually hectic with kids, hubby and getting ready for work myself, but I feel that each Monday is a day that I can at least take a few minutes to reflect and pause on the joys and the sorrows of the past week. Last weeks sorrow revolved around the sudden stroke, supportive care and passing of our family dog, KahlĂșa, of eleven years