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Discipleship and the red carpet

I recalled the news footage clips of the Beatles coming to America and it caused me to think alot about discipleship and following Christ. Now the Beatles were something that the states had never experienced before, so this is not a rant on the silliness or over emotional reaction of the crowds of people that were present on that noted day, but there is something in the intensity of that moment that impresses me. Palm Sunday might have been something like the atmosphere of the day the Beatles came to America. Shouting, people waving whatever they could get their hands on to get Jesus attention, laying their clothes down to make a "red carpet" for his travels. All these characteristics of that moment could be compared to the arrival of many important celebrities or political figures of the past, but unlike the Beatles or Kennedy - Jesus wasn't there to entertain the masses or overthrow the government. Moments before his arrival, Jesus had looked over the city of Jerusalem